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Odhad trendov možného budúceho rozvoja hydrogeológie

Odhad trendov možného budúceho rozvoja hydrogeológie

Estimatlon of possible future trends of hydrogeology development

• tento článok sa nachádza v kategórii: PODZEMNÁ VODA / rok 2001 [ ročník VII, číslo 2 ]
Peter Malík

ABSTRACT: Many recent publications are dedicated to the beginning and history of development of hydrogeology as a scientific discipline in Slovakia, but also in European or global context. Apart from the aim to understand the initial conditions and reasons of this development, these retrospectives give us the tool to estimate trends of future development. Viewing the future has the same meaning as viewing the past, but the futuristic search is to be connected with certain amount of improvisation and any estimation of future development are mistaken by relationships, which are not understand enough today. Estimation of future hydrogeological field of work has its meaning in deploying of hydrogeological and environmentalistical offices, in formulation of strategic aims of this scientific branch as well as in the process of defining short-term or mid-term concepts of institutions dealing with water resources reaearch, environment, remediation, but also with distribution of environmental information.

odkaz na článok:
Malík, P., 2001: Odhad trendov možného budúceho rozvoja hydrogeológie.- Podzemná voda ISSN 1335-1052, VII, 2/2001, 185-188.

jazyk článku: slovenčina

kľúčové slová: hydrogeológia, budúci rozvoj, environmentálne disciplíny, propagácia

key words: hydrogeology, future development, environmental sciences, public relations

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