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Krasovo-puklinové vody Plešiveckej planiny

Krasovo-puklinové vody Plešiveckej planiny

Karst-fissure waters of the Plešivecká planina plateau

• tento článok sa nachádza v kategórii: PODZEMNÁ VODA / rok 2011 [ ročník XVII, číslo 1 ]
Denisa Lehotová, Renáta Fľaková, Peter Malík, Zlatica Ženišová

ABSTRACT: Karst area of the Plešivecká planina Plateau covers the area of approximately 70 km2. This area is built up by karstified Middle Triassic limestones, and although completely free of surface river network, it was officially declared as a “Protected area of natural water accumulation”. As being isolated by relatively impermeable Lower Triassic shales, Plateau is closed hydrogeological structure. Groundwater circulates in the rock environment with karst-fissure permeability, and is recharged merely by precipitation. Prognostic natural groundwater resources of the Plešivecká planina Plateau are estimated to be approximately 550 L/s. The main mineralization process creating the chemical composition of groundwater is the dissolution of carbonates (limestone and dolomite). From the genetic aspect this is groundwater with carbonate mineralization, characterized by the expression of Ca-HCO3 and Ca-Mg-HCO3 type water. In terms of p(CO2) carbonate systems are open. Based on the groundwater discharge recession curves for 4 individual karstic springs, 2 laminar and 1 turbulent outflow sub-regimes were identified for 3 of them, while the last one showed the presence of pure turbulent flow (in 3 sub-regimes) within its depletion process. This underlines a high karstification degree of the rock mass, followed by levels of groundwater sensitivity to potential pollution. However, groundwater of the Plateau is still suitable for water use.

odkaz na článok:
Lehotová, D., Fľaková, R., Malík, P. & Z. Ženišová, 2011: Krasovo-puklinové vody Plešiveckej planiny.- Podzemná voda ISSN 1335-1052, XVII, 1/2011, 1-16.

jazyk článku: slovenčina

kľúčové slová: Plešivecká planina, krasovo-puklinová voda, chemické zloženie vody, výtokové čiary, zraniteľnosť podzemných vôd

key words: Plešivecká planina Plateau, karst-fissure water, chemical composition, recession curves, groundwater vulnerability

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